nothing you don't already know

28 May


Nothing You Don't Already Know Summary

Do you know what self-realization is? It is about understanding our true selves, which is the main topic of this book. 'Nothing you don't already know' was the recently written book by an Instagram influencer, Alexander den Heijer in 2018. 

There are many quotations in the book which can change your life forever. I highly recommend you to read the full book summaries for free, and if you like, you can buy this book below-

A call for change

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."

One of the most difficult things to do is to make a turn off of a road that you are familiar with. There are times when life puts us in situations that force us to make decisions that lead us down the wrong road. If we don't have the guts to step off the beaten path, we will continue to stray further from our true geographical north. Finding significance in one's life might be difficult for many of us, and there are a lot of folks who don't know what it is that they want to achieve. When you commit yourself to the pursuit of a purposeful goal and make consistent progress in that direction, you will experience a great deal of personal satisfaction.

"Hardship without purpose may weaken us. Hardship with a purpose may strengthen us."

Leave the ordinary

"The point of living isn't arriving at the future; it's to arise in the present."

When we try to fight the changes that are inevitably happening, we end ourselves frustrated. When we fight against life itself, we frequently find ourselves in a state of frustration. A resolute choice is analogous to a destiny that has been carved in stone. Even if we can't see it, we have to convince ourselves that something is feasible, so that we can make it happen. Have you ever thought that you wouldn't have a feeling of identity if you hadn't come into contact with another person?

If we compare you to an introvert, you are only an extrovert. The experiences we have while traveling, not just in terms of the locations we visit but also in terms of the people we talk to, may be very educational. Some people devote their entire lives to the pursuit of achieving the ideal living conditions, yet they never end up living. The finish line is not where one will find happiness; there is no finish line at all. At this moment, life is taking place.

Get a taste of the excitement that life has to offer. Obtain the maximum benefit possible from experience.

"You've been waiting for a moment that may never happen. The realization that this moment may never happen, is the moment you've been waiting for."

Overcome fear

"One of the most powerful things someone can do is to ask for help."

People focused on growth are the first to reach out for assistance whenever they need it, and this is the main aim of nothing you don't already know by Alexander Den Heijer. When we can assist another person, not only do we experience a sense of satisfaction, but also it helps us feel better about who we are as individuals. According to author Anish Kapoor has written, whenever we triumph over a challenge, we gain confidence. To live a life free from fear, or any other emotion for that matter, we must first become accustomed to living with those feelings. The key to finding relief from our pain is developing an unwavering acceptance of it.

Just acknowledge your fear, make some room in your life for it, and then let it go. You should think of them as companions who can provide you with valuable suggestions, but you should under no circumstances yield to them. Appreciation is the essence of love, and true appreciation does not want anything in return. Love is not a feeling; rather, it is a state of being that one cultivates with another individual. Pursuing one's self-interest is often the driving force behind dread.

"We increase suffering by trying to run from it. We release suffering by learning to live with it."

It is a way that ultimately results in laziness and a lack of action. Our growth of us comes to a halt as a result of this. And if we stop growing, we start dying. Judgment can only be applied in the sphere of action; who and what we are is. What we exist outside of the globe in which estimation, rankings, and measurements take place.

The directions that are given to you by your internal compass will lead you to more doors of opportunity if you pay closer attention to them. You are unmistakably yourself, just as I am unmistakably myself at this very moment.

"Opportunities unfold as a result of following one's inner compass."

Know yourself

"Go against the rules if you must, but never go against your conscience, even if the rules demand it."

When we conclude that we already know something, we cease searching for new information. How we perceive ourselves is mirrored in how we live our lives. If we make the resolute choice to behave following our principles, we will initiate a shift in the way the rest of the world perceives us. As a direct consequence of this, the planet will also change. There is a possibility that authenticity is more important than charisma.

The word "persona," which means "mask," is where the English term "personality" originates from. When we allow others to see us for who we truly are, we open the door for them to do the same. And once we reached that point, only then can we connect from the heart. Could it be the emblem? No, the brand itself is not represented by the logo; rather, the logo represents the brand.

Who or what am I? What we refer to as 'I' is simply an idea at the end of the day, and it's only a story, much like the one behind your favorite brand, after all.

One of my favorite quotes from nothing you don't already know by Alexander Den Heijer is- 

"There's a light that shines within you. All you have to do is let it shine through. Open the curtains. Let the light shine and light up the world."


"The moment you discover your purpose is the moment you unlock your greatest source of energy."

One of the most challenging things to do is to be honest with oneself who one is. To come to terms with who we are, we need first to become our authorities. It requires bravery to acknowledge that our culture is conditioning us and to release second nature concepts to us. When we can transcend the ego, we can use our uniqueness to improve life in its most complete sense. This does not mean that we force ourselves to conform; rather, it implies that we integrate ourselves.

When we do not have a clear sense of direction for our lives, we risk becoming enslaved to our habits and losing sight of the reasons that motivate us to take the behaviors that we do. As we grow, we become more self-aware of how our unique capabilities might be applied to the challenges that we face in the larger world. The desire to realize our full potential arises within us as we gain insight into our true selves and experience what it's like to do so. And there it is: the meaning and purpose of our lives become clear to us only when we leave them totally for ourselves. There is a common misunderstanding that spending time on social media can contribute to feelings of depression, and there is also a prevalent belief that money is the root of all evil.

In all sincerity, our interactions with the things around us are more important than the things themselves. Attempt to appreciate the universe in its unaltered, natural state, complete with its faults and blemishes. Acceptance and passivity are not interchangeable concepts, and it only demonstrates that we do not contest the veracity of the facts.

 "The world around you matters little to your well-being. What really matters is your relationship to the world around you."

Make a difference

"Be bold enough to know that you can make a difference. Be humble enough to know that you're a limited creature."

We need to have the self-assurance to believe that we have something worth contributing to making a difference. We are far more capable than we give ourselves credit for, and it takes courage to realize this about ourselves. When taken to an extreme, boldness can evolve into arrogance, leading to one becoming deluded. Have you ever desired that you could sit around doing nothing for hours on end and not feel the need to fill that time with something productive? Strive to get back to being that person.

"The secret of being at peace with yourself is to always do what you know you must do."

Increase the frequency with which you turn off your phone, or even better, try going phone-free for a few days. Develop the habit of working on initiatives that provide long-term fulfillment rather than those that provide rapid delight. When we battle for something, our attention is drawn more intently to finding a solution because of this passion, creativity, and development result. Martin Luther King Jr. battled not just against nightmares but also for dreams, and he fought for the American dream.

As individuals, we develop to a greater degree when we make an effort to conduct ourselves honestly. What if our business endeavors are successful, but our relationships at home continue to deteriorate? Locating that sweet spot in life is essential to living a richly rewarding life. Never, ever, ever give up everything you have to achieve success. To accomplish one's goals in this endeavor is the purpose at hand. Think of everything that's going on as an open invitation to expand your capacity to love profoundly.

"Don't chase happiness or success. You gain them as you seize opportunities to help people."

Inspire others

"You don't inspire people by revealing your superpowers, and you inspire people by helping them reveal their superpowers."

There is a widespread worry that other people will learn how to accomplish things more effectively than they can. People that are inspiring don't see in others what they can't be; rather, they know what others have the potential to become. Put yourself in the company of others who see the boundless potential within you. It will make it easier for you to inspire other people, and it will attract the kind of individuals you have been seeking all along. When we put ourselves out for the group's good, we lose our own identities.

If we perform acts of service with the expectation of receiving something in return, we are not truly performing those acts. Selflessness is required for true service. It's not just one of the best presents we can give other people, but it's also one of the best presents we can give ourselves. Rumi once said, "Be smart and focus on the way you live your own life, and allow others to be free to explore theirs." In other words, be mindful of how you live your own life. Create a work of art out of your existence.

The purpose of this is nothing you don't already know; the summary, realizing who you are as an individual could be the most effective method to motivate other people. Making use of our lives for something that will continue after we are gone is a satisfying way to spend our time here on earth. If you want to have a richly satisfying life, you shouldn't make it your goal to achieve everything you desire out of life. Instead, offer everything you have to live, and you will never be unsuccessful. Your legacy will live on.

"The heroes that inspire you are the ones that give you a glimpse of your own potential."



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