The Rudest Book Ever

2 Feb


The Rudest Book Ever Summary | Smarbeebooks

The Rudest Book Ever, Yes! You heard right. This book is the same as its name suggests. Here the author Shwetabh Gangwar raises various issues which are part of the life of almost everyone. In this blog, I will summarize the book; if you like it, you can buy it to grab complete knowledge. So, let's start-

1) Learn 'How to think'-

Our mind is a database for gathering vast information from infancy to advanced age. In childhood, our only master is our parents; they teach us various things essential to adulthood but 'Are parents always, right? We can only think about what our parents want to think because we think they are older and they know far more about this world than we do. They taught us 'What to think' rather than 'How to think.' Let's see the difference between What to think and How to think.

What to think- A person brought up what to believe can only guess what his parents, teachers, and friends tell him. One day, when he reaches adulthood, if he encounters a problem, he discovers it with his parents, his books, his mentors, etc. There is no problem with taking the help of these persons, but they don't see the problem from your perspective; they are not in your shoes, and how do you think they genuinely want to help you. You depend upon them as though you were their slaves.

How to think- A person who brought up How to think can find the solution independently. He can take the help of others, but he analyses the given information with his mind and finds the best solution that helps him solve his problem. A person that knows you best is just you. So take it upon yourself to find the answers to your issues.

2) You want to become special–

Everyone wants to feel special, this is normal, but the question is, when make you feel special? When someone values your actions, when someone gives you attention, or when someone buys a present for you. If nothing above happens to you, will you always feel special? When you rely on others to handle unique, it becomes your need; in a way, they don't, and you feel worthless on earth. You can be unique to certain people and, at the same time, ordinary to others. You can't be uncommon to everybody, and you shouldn't be. What is it that makes you unique? Your competence, your appearance, your personality, or your actions. Do what you want, and make sure you don't impress others. First, you are unique in a particular activity or skill and therefore are not dependent on others to appreciate your value.

3) Finding love is a hard nut to crack-

If I ask you a question, what kind of life partner are you looking for? Whether you're a man or a girl, your reply may be like-

  • A partner who is enticing as a prince/princess.
  •  A partner who is loving like a romantic movie hero.
  •  A partner who invariably understands you like they are capable of mind reading.

 And one answer may be like the couple you follow on social media sites.

Do you find something familiar to all of this? A fictitious partner, a fantasy partner. Many people nowadays, in the internet era, follow and watch many couples who look perfect, have perfect lifestyles, and are as happy as no one else on the planet. When you look at them, you compare your partner (an actual person) to them (fictional characters). People on the Internet or in movies show you what you would like to see. This does not mean they are happy the way we see them; they do not belong to real life. When you watch them, you ask yourself, 'I want a partner like them, and when you find one, you compare him with your fictitious character, and after some time, you say, 'People are weird, people are crooks. '

Bear in mind that humans are neither angels nor demons. They lie somewhere between them. Think of people as people, not an angel or evil. So, how to find a partner suitable for you?

First, know yourself well. Ask yourself, who am I? What are my goals, and what are my strengths and weaknesses? And find a person accordingly. Filter out your needs and wants and, simultaneously, see the people as people. Attractiveness should be the entry-level qualification; it shouldn't be the deciding factor. There are millions of attractive people on this planet.

4) The Murder of SELF-

Think for a minute, when did you do something to impress yourself and not your parents, teachers, or friends. Till our childhood, many of us take action to impress others. We had pressure from our parents to score full marks in all subjects, even in some issues we were not interested in. Still, we work hard to achieve 100% to impress them or our favorite teacher. Our age grows when we become adults, but the mentality remains the same. Whatever we do to impress others, whether it will be helpful for us or not. This is the time when you murder your SELF. Ask yourself before taking any vital decision for you-

⦁ Will it give me any harm, or will it be a waste for me?

⦁ Will it be useful for me in the future?

⦁ It is my life, and it's my responsibility to control it, not my friends, not my teachers, and even not my parents.

Do not murder your SELF to impress your loved ones.

5) There are no heroes, only people-

The blunder many of us make is when we love someone, we imagine him as a hero, the person who is 100% in everything. He never does anything wrong; he is the perfect person we have ever met. When he makes a mistake, we say, "He broke my trust; I never expected this from him!". Kindness, charity, and help are some human properties. When someone does these, he doesn't become a superhuman. Still, he is just a human, appreciates his work and kindness, but don't think of him as a HERO, a perfect man, because when you trust him blindly, it is when you may get hurt the most.

Everyone you fight with is not your enemy, and everyone who helps you is your friend.


Few things which I found very useful in the book are summaries below; I hope they will also be useful for you.

⦁ Never compare yourself to others- If you do this, you insult your SELF.

⦁ Self-respect is the highest priority- Do not compromise your self-respect with anything.

⦁ Admire people's good work, but don't follow them blindly.

⦁ People are humans, not angels, heroes, or a demon/devils.

⦁ Your life, your decisions, your choice.

⦁ Be kind, helpful, and genuine, not to impress others but to develop your personality.

⦁ Don't judge the people by their first appearance.

⦁ Don't stick in a bad relationship in the name of love because there is no love without care, respect, and understanding.

  • Know your worth and choose yourself first.
  • Self-love is essential before falling for any love.
  • Be yourself because no one can be you.